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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Xiang has twenty seven years of clinical experience as a dentist. He graduated from the Shanghai Second Medical University and practiced at Ninth Hospital. He later worked in a tenured position in the Sixth Hospital of Shanghai. Dr. Xiang was commentated the Silver Medal of Scientific Advancement from the Education Department of China, in addition, Shanghai’s Board of Health granted him an senior position. Dr. Xiang studied as a visiting scholar at the dental schools of University of Michigan and University of Louisville, in which time he published twenty two professional articles cumulatively.

He currently resides in his own clinic in Sunnyvale, California. , he treats dental implant, sinus lift bone grafting and alveolar crest bone grafting augment, root canal therapy, periodontal diseases, impacted wisdom teeth extraction, and general dentistry. For every type of treatment,Dr. Xiang will take patients’ health goal into account, and he values the discussions with patients about concerns before treatments and reflections after.

Dr. Xiang strives to find the best treatment plan for each of his patients, he is often invited by other dental offices in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose to complete dental implant and wisdom teeth extraction treatments.