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Payment Options

Life can be such a hassle when you suffer from dental problems, for example bad breath, tooth loss, or chronic pain. As a dental office we know how hard it may be especially if you do not have dental insurance. That is why we offer different options for our patients whether they have dental insurance or no insurance at all.

If you have dental insurance, we work directly with your insurance to find out what your dental plan covers and what it does not. We also work with you in letting you know the treatment that is necessary for you and what your plan will cover, so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Payment options are available if you do not have dental insurance. We offer CareCredit to all patients without insurance and those who qualify. It takes about five minutes to find out if you qualify, Care Credit offers you 12 months of interest free financing and allows you to chose the plan that is most affordable for you. The best part is you get to complete the necessary treatment as soon as you’re qualified and pay for it happily every month.

Our office is commited in giving you the service you deserve and treatment that is most affordable for you. We discuss all treatment options with all our patients so that you can make the best decision for you or your families.
Whether you choose to do cleaning, deep cleaning, veneers, or implants we will make sure to make it the most reasonably priced.